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Their are lot of question and things to concider before you get your first bird or birds. This may seem like an easy task  but it is not , lot of thing can go wrong so one as to ask themself his a bird the right pet for me ? Keeping birds his a fantastic hoddy and leisure time occupation second to none . The serious birdlover or fancier who goes about this hobby in a consientious manner will enjoy a bit of nature at home and a lot of years of pleasure can bedrived from a single bird as a pet or one or two birds as well as a cageful or aviary of colorful feathers friends.
So ask yourself do great looks or personality implusively influence you ? Are you willing to sacrifice your personal time to provide for the happiness and well being of another ? Are you prepared for a give and take relationship ? Can you commit to share the good and the bad times ?
If you answered NO to the first and YES to the last four question , you may be ready for a BIRD OR TWO. All concern identified by those 5 questions not only apply to your human relationships, but to those you will estabish with the bird or birds of your choice.
If you are comfortable in your current lifestyle, and aren't  sure you want  to make any significant changes to your lifestyle,YOU PROBABLY SHOULDN'T GET A BIRD. Birds are delicate and vivacious,and need a lot of love and care and companionship.In fact, If you are willing to give you will soon find that what youn recieve from your feather friend is far more than could have expected. Birds just like most other pets, have their own unique ability to be companions when you most need a friendly companion,and give you lot of love and affection without saying a word. And when you really become a part of your pet bird's life, you will find that  they are very irreplaceable.
I don't want anyone to acquire a Bird on a whim. I want you to look before you leap, examine all the facts, understand what you will be getting into... and then think very hard... and think again before you get that bird.
You might find yourself at a petshop or a bird fair or at a breeders home surrounded by birds galore,it can sudddenly becomes a daunting problem.Bird fanciers are frequently overwhelmed by all the bird might be prettier than the other and pehaps even more expencive than the next. The temptation to buy all, or most, of those beautiful birds can be very strong.I can say with most certainty, if you in tend to aquire birds with such an attitude you are heading for a serious disaster and the end result could change your initial enthusiasm will be dulled or even lost for ever.I have seen it many time here in jamaica. So give it careful thought and do all the research on the bird of your choice. When birds are purchased for only their beauty and attractiveness,without sensible planning,you take the risk of bringing together BIRDS  that cannot get along and tolerate each other. Fighting soon develops and the astonished newcomer to the feild may witness to a bloodbath or the death of another bird. So therefore Careful Concideration is a most and essential before even concider purchaseing even a single bird.
Their are agreat many bird species in the world that are kept has pets, each with a different character.So you must determine the kind of bird that best suit your presonality, home and lifestyle . For instance a finch are much smaller and quieter than a african grey parrot. Their are birds that can be kept single in a cage ;there are also those that are kept in the community aviary. there are birds that sings,colorful birds, big birds and little birds,little doves , parrotlike birds, ground birds,fancy pigeons and many other birds of all shape and size. You must decide in which direction you intend to go in the world ot birds.
Do you want a single bird in a cage or a group of birds in a indoor or out door aviary? You shoud find someone who has the same kind of bird of your choice and go visit them. Observe the relationship between the OWENER and the BIRD. If it is all right with the owner, handle the bird yourself if he or she let you and get familiar with it. Ask question, listen with an open mind to the '' pros and cons'' the '' ups and downs ''.
And when you get home see if you feel the same way  about  getting the BIRD as before your visit. If you don't , you may need to do some more research and investigation or you may need to consider a different kind of pet bird or a different pet altogether.
If you  still want a pet bird, good for you ! Birds are lots of fun and can entertain you for many year to come. Have you figured out the cost yet ? These are also some of the question you have to consider. Review the initial cost of the bird.Pedigree Birds purchased from breeders may be more expencives initially than birds that are sold by petshop or visa versa,but pet store birds may not be as healthy as they should be. Identify all of the necessities you will need to care for the BIRD ( housing , food , medical ) ''treats and toys. look towards the future and see what it would cost you for the year to raise your bird ? Food cost and medical cost may not be cheap.
Do you want to breed birds ? Do you feel more attracted to the song or colors of the birds? These are just a few of the possibilities and  problem. Can you do it ? Really ?  Do you like birds ? do you have time to take care of a bird properly ? and can you have pets where you live ?If you answered yes to all these question you might be a good candidate  for a bird ownership.Then these are some of things you will want to think about be fore you become a bird owner.... are.
  • the cost of the bird or birds of your choice
  • the cost of  the bird cage and accessories
  • the cost of bird food ( seeds. foumulated diets and fresh fruit and veggies and pellets )
  • the cost of bird toys
  •  the cost of veterinary service ( avian vet )
  • the amount of time you can devote to your bird or birds each day.
  • how busy your life is already
  • who will care for your bird or birds if you where called out of town unexpectedly or if you go on a vacation.
  • how many other pet you already have
  • is your home big enough for your pet and you.
  • how much space you can spare for your birds..
If you have consider all the possibilities then that would be great, and enjoy a long life with your new feathered friend !!